Ballistol Sportsman Oil 6 oz. Aerosol Can

Ballistol Sportsman Oil 6 oz. Aerosol Can
Item# BSO

Product Description

Ballistol Sportsman Oil in a 6 oz. Aerosol Can

Does no gum up or harden. Creeps into the finest cracks and fissures

Lubricates, cleans, penetrates, protects metals against corrosion.

Protects non-metals against dryness and humidity.
Can be used on all metals, wood, leather, plastic and rubber.

Emulsifies with water and will not lose its capability to lubricate in the presence of water.

It's alkaline and thus capable of neutralizing acids and acidic residues and of inhibiting not only oxidation, but also acidic, galvanic and salt water corrosion.

Excellent firearm cleaner, black powder also.

Preserves in storage and protects outdoors.

Has no electrical conductivity, as long as not emulsified with water.

Dissolves inorganic residues and traces of copper, lead, zinc and tombac.

Can be safely used on plants in an emulsion with water of 1 part Ballistol with 50 parts water.

Does not contain any ingredients considered hazardous by OSHA.

Does not contain any known carcinogens.

Biodegrades/photodegrades in aerobic decomposition in approximately 24 months.

Ballistol Story

Ballistol has a long history in Germany and Europe. It was originally invented in 1904 by Dr. Helmut Klever for the German army to maintain the metallic parts of the soldier's rifle but also to protect the wooden stocks and his leather gear. The soldier was to use the same oil for the treatment of minor wounds, sores, and scratches. The Army tested it and adopted it in 1905 and it stayed in use until 1945. But the word had spread and within a decade hunters, boaters, motorists, hikers, mountaineers, and outdoorsmen in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland converted to the new multi-use oil.