Emerson P-SARK (Search and Rescue Knife) - BTS*

Emerson P-SARK (Search and Rescue Knife) - BTS*
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Product Description

Emerson P-SARK-BTS (Search and Rescue Knife) - Black Blade - Combo Edge

Overall Length: 8.2"
Blade Length: 3.5"
Blade Thickness: .125"
Hardness: RC 57-59

Emerson developed the Search and Rescue Knife (SARK) at the specific request of the United States Navy for a water-borne rescue knife that would perform safely and efficiently under emergency conditions. You can now see clones of the design in many other knife companies' catalogs and with good reason. The SARK is just about the best rescue knife ever developed. It's safe, stron, and it's an Emerson. As the knife gained notoriety, Police departments began requesting that we provide the design with a point rather than the sfety tip for patrol officers. As a result, the P-SARK was born. It is a wonderful rescue tool and has been used successfully in many, many rescue and life saving operations. If your job is saving lives, then get the knife that was designed just for you: the Emerson P-SARK.