Smith's Edge Eater Stone #50910

Smith's Edge Eater Stone #50910
Item# SA50910

Product Description

Smith's Edge Eater Stone #50910

This Smith's EdgeEater features a multi-purpose design for sharpening a wide range of edged tools. The EdgeEater will quickly sharpens axes, machetes, mower blades, clippers, shovels, hoes and more. It has a groove grip for comfortable and safe use. item includes a stone cap that protects the hand during use.

Place the implement to be sharpened in a secure position with the cutting edge pointing in a direction away from your body.

Sharpen the entire cutting edge with the EdgeEater by using a circular motion. Always work the EdgeEater in a direction away from the cutting edge. Turn the implement over and repeat the same sharpening motion on the other side. Alternate sides until the desired edge has been achieved. Remember to thoroughly clean your EdgeEater after each use. This will remove the metal particles that build up on the EdgeEater during the sharpening process.