Spyderco Friction Folder Brown G-10 discontinued #C167GP

Spyderco Friction Folder Brown G-10 discontinued #C167GP
Item# SC167GP
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Product Description

Spyderco Friction Folder Brown G-10 discontinued #C167GP

Friction folders were the first folding knives ever developed. Their simple design relied on the handle’s friction against the tang to keep the blade open. Later an extended tab was added to the blade tang so when the knife was open pressure from the user’s hand held the blade in place. Spyderco’s Friction Folder is a faithful expression of one of Belgian knifemaker Filip De Leeuw’s most popular custom designs. Its full-flat-ground VG-10 stainless steel blade features a traditional tang lever that allows it to be opened one-handed and helps keep the blade open during normal use.

The Friction Folder’s handle is crafted from two solid pieces of G-10 that are precision machined to create a subtle radius on the outside surfaces. This ensures a comfortable, ergonomic grip and a handsome texture similar to wood grain. A solid G-10 spacer and recessed stainless steel Torx® screws secure the butt end of the handle’s structure and complete its open-backed construction, which reduces weight and facilitates easy cleaning.

Because it does not have a locking mechanism to help keep its blade closed, the Friction Folder does not include a pocket clip and is not recommended for unsecured carry in the pocket. Instead, it comes equipped with a handsome open-top faux leather sheath that does include a pocket clip. The pouch allows the knife to be safely and conveniently carried at the top of the pocket, where it is instantly accessible when needed.

Overall Length:6.50" (165 mm)

Blade Length:2.84" (72 mm)


Closed Length:4.94" (125 mm)

Edge Length:2.58" (66 mm)

Weight:3.2 oz (91 g)

Blade Thickness:0.118" (3.0 mm)


Clip Position:

Tip Carry Position:

Lock Type:Friction